Dresses for Eid and other festivals!

Hello, beautiful souls there!

I am back and I hope you guys missed me 😉 I missed you all too. Due to Ramadan ,I didn’t post, cause I dedicate this month to pay gratitude towards Allah🙏. Believe me i,It helps me to be a better person. Anyways let’s move on to our today’s post 🤗 which I am very excited to share with you 😘

When it’s about festivals like EID & DIWALI and functions like WEDDING & OTHER FAMILY FUNCTIONS we always chose traditional attire.And you all will agree that nothing can beat the anarkali suits. So here I am sharing with you my two favorite Anarkali dresses.

Also see the (modest look for office)

Anarkali suits basically inspired by Anarkali.yea that saleem and anarkali wali anarkali so you can say that you are wearing a fashion of Mughal era. No wonder why we feel so royal or princessy in this dress 👸. It consists 3 ensembles 1 a waist fitted kallidar frock 2 churidar bottom and 3 dupatta.

Dress -1

Here I am wearing fucsia pink Anarkali suit which has golden and blue lace over its border and around the neckline. I liked it in one glance. it has so much ghera that if u have petite body type then you will look awesome in this Anarkali suit. Pairing it with golden juti and golden earrings. completing this look with smoky eyes and pink lips. isn’t good for EID or any functions ??

It was little loose for me but I didn’t alter 🤓


Here I am wearing orange floor length Anarkali suit which has golden and green printed lace over its border, and silver work on its neckline are which gives it very beautiful and classy look with matching churidar and dupatta. Pairing this look with the same golden jutti and matching earrings. completing this look with a sleek bun and shimmery wallet. and I am ready for Eid😉.

You know the best part about these dresses are they look heavy but they are light weighted and very comfortable. cause, for me! Comfort comes first.🤗

That’s all for today’s, and yea don’t forget to tell me which one you liked most and what you are wearing on this Eid? Meet you with next post till then be happy and be stylish 😍👸


with love💞

Asma khan


Dry black chickpeas recipe (sukhey kaley chaney)

This tangy dish we mostly have in breakfast. easy to prepare and everybody knows the benefits of chickpeas.

You can have it with roti (bread), murmure ( roasted rice) or just as it is. it’s up to you cause it’s so mmmm tasty that you are gonna crave for it all the time.🤗


  1. Brown chickpeas 200gm
  2. Onion 5 to 6 pcs. Finely chopped.
  3. Green chili 7 to 8 pcs. Finely chopped
  4. Green chili 2 to 3 pcs. Sliced for garnishing
  5. Green coriander Finley chopped for garnishing
  6. Mustard oil 1 1/2 tbsp
  7. Salt according to your taste
  8. Garlic paste
  9. Turmeric 1/4 tbsp.
  10. Water 1 cup

How to prepare

  • First, wash chickpeas with running water and soak into water for overnight.
  • In morning rinse it and keep aside.
  • Now heat pressure cooker over medium heat.
  • Add oil into the cooker, after 1 minutes add garlic paste and saute it, then you have to add onion. now stir it until it gets light brown
  • now add finely chopped chili and in the last, you have to add raw chickpeas.
  • stir all ingredient for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Add turmeric and salt and again stir it for 1 minute and add water
  • Now let it cook for about 10 minuts or 5 to 6 whistle of pressure cooker timing also depends on the quality of chickpeas so you can check it before 6 whistle
  • After that remove lid of pressure cooker and if there is some water remains then stir it over medium heat until it gets dry.

How to server

Take a serving bowl and pour cooked chickpeas into it with the help of spoon and sprinkle green coriander and sliced chilli over it and wwooohaa its ready to eat 😋 I have garnished it with mint leaves.

What you say? wasn’t easy to prepare? after soaking it takes only 15 minutes to cook.


  • Helps in weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Great source of iron
  • Good for digestive system 👍🤗

Now enjoy your dish 😋
That’s all for today, meet you with next post till then be healthy eat tasty.

With love 💞

Asma khan

Suji (semolina) ka katli halwa

Now, this is something that we make every now and then. Indians love to eat halwa. Cause it’s easy to prepare.

And the best thing is that you can preserve it for a long time like 2 or 3 weeks.


Suji (semolina) 1 kg

Sugar 1 kg

Dry fruits-


Green cardamoms 1 tbsp.

How to prepare:

  • Take a big flat plate and spread 2, 3 spoon ghee all over it.
  • Finely chopped almond 5 tbsp.
  • Finely chopped cashew 5 tbsp.
  • Raisins 3 tbsp
  • 1 tbsp. grounded cardamoms
  • Water 3 cups
  • Add ghee in a frying pan over medium heat, pour semolina into it and roast it until it gets light brown, stir with help of spatula otherwise, it will burn, once it’s done keep it aside.
  • And take another deep pan pour water into it and add sugar now boil over high heat until it becomes 2 thread syrup.
  • Then quickly add semolina into syrup stir with help of spatula add dry fruits (keep aside some dry fruits for garnishing ) add cardamoms.
  • And now pour this mixture over flat plate quickly otherwise it will get hard into pan now spread the mixture evenly with help of flat spatula then sprinkle the remaining dry fruits.
  • now cut it into square or diamond shapes with help of a knife.
  • now let it set for some time, once it gets cool then keep it an airtight jar.

woohoo now you can have it whenever you want😊my family love it😋

Now you have another sweet dish which you can try 😉

That’s all for today, meet you with next post till then be happy and enjoy your food.

With love💞

Asma khan

Healthy and tasty pancakes, that you can have for breakfast or as evening snacks!

Hello, lovely readers! today I am going to share with you a very delicious recipe which is easy to prepare, & tasty to eat.

Wheat flour & banana pancakes

So, to prepare this dish, you have to make a batter with all ingredients after that you need a none sticky pan and olive oil or ghee.this is one of my favorite breakfast cause it’s so light. Nowadays we are having it in Iftar (fast-breaking ).

Let’s have a look at ingredients:


  1. Wheat flour
  2. Milk
  3. Sugar or jaggery
  4. Banana
  5. Egg or baking powder
  6. Dry fruits-grinded
  7. Ghee or olive oil
  8. Pinch of salt

How to prepare the batter

First, take a bowl and add a cup of flour (cup for measurement) half cup sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/2 tablespoon baking powder and then take another bowl add one cup of milk 1egg, 2 bananas and blend them with blender then pour this liquid into flour mixture and blend them for 2, 3 minutes, if you think batter is thick then you can add some more milk now add dry fruits into the batter and its ready. Leave it aside for 10 minutes.

Now cooking time 😇

Heat a nonstick pan over medium to high heat, spread few drops of olive oil and pour batter into the pan using a scoop or big spoon after 2 minutes flip it other side leave it for 1 to 2 minutes and its ready to serve 😋

Nutritional value

It has carbs, protein, sodium….

So you can say it’s healthy & yummy 😋

P.s. it takes only 15 minutes 😇

That’s all for today, meet you with next post till then take care and be healthy.😘

With love💞

Asma khan

Beat the heat 💫 with these homemade sharbat (juices)

Hello everyone!……

As you know that Ramadan & summer are here, and the temperature is increasing day by day, here in Delhi we are surviving with 40°- 45°. At this temperature, our body gets drained. to keep hydrated yourself it’s very necessary that we provide liquid to our body. and for that only water is not enough you need some extra liquid to keep hydrated all day long.
Here I am sharing some sharbat (juice) recipe which is easy to make and very beneficial for us.

1-Lemon & cucumber sharbat (juice)

Ingredients- for 2

  • Lemon 2 pc.
  • Sugar syrup (homemade)/honey
  • Cucumber(sliced)/1/2 pc
  • Black salt
  • Capsicum (for garnishing )
  • Mint

How to prepare –

Take a clean mug, squeeze 2 Lemon, add 2 glass cold water, 2 spoon sugar syrup or according to your test, add a pinch of black salt, mix it well.

How to serve

Now take 2 glasses, put some ice cubes, add sliced crushed cucumber, add crushed leaves of mint, and pour the drink into glasses. Garnish with sliced capsicum.

If you want to avoid sugar you can add honey.😊

Holla your drink is ready isn’t easy 🤗


This drink has lots of vitamin c which works like metabolism booster. Nowadays I am having it in iftar and believe me it works like magic, especially when you feel thirsty all-time in summer, it’s the best option to choose cause after drinking this you don’t feel thirsty all time.

2 belpattar sharbat (golden apple juice)

Ingredients for 3 people

  • Bel Patra ripe ( golden apple) 1 pc
  • Sugar syrup(homemade) 2 tbsp

How to prepare

wash it properly before breaking, then take a spoon and scoop out the pulp in a big bowl. Add some water and mash it for few minutes after that strain it to remove the seeds, now use a blender to make a smooth paste and add more water and sugar.

How to serve

Take 3 glasses put some ice cubes and pour the drink into glasses if you want you can add a pinch of black salt to add more taste😋


It’s great for digestion, purify the blood, it has a cooling quality that’s why Dr. Recommend this juice in summers

3 RoohAfza sharbat

Ingredients for 2

  • Milk-chilled (2 glasses)
  • RoohAfza ( 4 spoons)

How to prepare

Take a bowl and mix both ingredients well, if you want to add some extra sugar then you can add sugar syrup otherwise Roohafza has sugar in it.

How to serve

take 2 glasses pour the drink into glasses and yeah sip it up;) if you want you can garnish it with fruit slices.

The all-time favourite sharbat of everyone🤗


Its best for dehydration, it has minerals- sodium, calcium, potassium which helps in dehydration, tiredness and increased sweating. I think it has enough reason to drink it🤗

These all drinks are best for summer and Ramadan which I personally have every day.

That’s all for today, meet you with next post, till then take care and be safe😘

Lemon one is my favourite drink for summer🤗

With love💞

Asma khan

Home made face pack for acne and scars

Hello beauties!

As, many of you requested for home remedies for acne, after my post (home made face pack for glowing skin).
‎so I am here with some face packs for acne, cause it scare us more than ghost😜
‎though, I don’t have acne prone skin, but yesterday one popped up on my left cheek😬

1 Honey & Turmeric Pack

looking drained due to fasting👆

Turmeric 1 tbsp.
Honey 1 tbsp.

How to apply-

mix both ingredients well and apply it on clean and dry face. leave it for 10 to 15 minutes or until its dry, then rinse it with lukewarm water, turmeric leaves stain so you can add few drops of extra virgin olive oil which works like barrier between face and turmeric, but if you don’t have olive oil you can add 1/2 tbsp. milk cream.
apply this pack in night so turmeric stain will not bother you and you can rinse it off with face wash in morning. you can apply this pack once in a week.you can see turmeric, gram flour and yogurt pack for glowing skin
Turmeric – come on, do I have need to tell you the benefits of turmeric?? we all have grown up with listening the benefits of turmeric. It has anti inflammatory qualities which calms your skin and also reduces scars.

Honey is antibacterial, so it’s great for preventing and treating acne. And also work like moisturizer and soothes your skin, so who have dry skin can also apply this pack.that’s the reason I love honey.😍😋

2 Lemon & RoseWater Pack

Lemon 1/2 tbsp.
Rose water 1 tbsp.

How to apply-

mix both ingredients and apply on clean and dry face. Leave it for 10 minutes or until it’s dry, rinse with normal water, followed by moisturizer. you can apply it once in a week.
‎Lemon has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties which removes bacteria from your face and also remove excess oil which cause acne. Lemon could be used as natural bleaching.
‎Rose water removes dirt and excess oil and prevents your skin from acne. it also helps reducing skin irritation and eczema. I generally use it as a toner 😇
‎you can apply this pack once in a week.

3 Cucumber & Tomato Face Pack

1/4 cucumber ( grated)
1/2 tomato (pulp)

How to apply-

Mix both ingredients and apply it on whole face. leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with normal water, followed by moisturizer.you can apply it once in a week like other 2 packs.

Cucumber has vitamine C and caffiec acid which reduces inflammation and irritation, cucumber contains lots of water so it also hydrate your skin and gives you a natural glow😊
‎Tomato makes your skin light, smooth and reduces acne.
‎Tips*( if you feel vomiting eat a tomato empty stomach and you will feel better. mom’s DIY😉)

Caustion– If you feel sensation, itching or irritation after applying any pack, then immediately wash your face.
p.s– don’t expect overnight miracle😇 all are home remedies it take times so be consistent.

That’s all for today, meet you with next post, till then be happy, be beautiful and keep smiling.😊

with love💞
Asma khan

A Product Every One Must Have! If you want to save your skin from sun damage

Hello beautiful souls there!

This product is very necessary when you go out side, especially in the summer, you should take care of your skin more.

Yes, it’s true, do not ignore this at any cost,
you have heard it so many times that, do not step out without applying SUNSCREEN. And I am also saying the same, even don’t forget to applying it, when you are at home cause sun rays can reach there too. You already know that what damage can make sun rays.
Harmful UV and UVB Rays can damage your skin, it can cause uneven skin, premature aging and the worst, skin cancer.
So its allowed to step out without kajal,mascara even without lipstick but don’t go outside without applying SUNSCREEN.

There are different types of sunscreen available in the market, every makeup brand has their own sunscreen range, so pick the best one, which has minimum 30 SPF.

Here I am sharing my favourite SUNSCREEN.


I was using it for a long time, but the only drawback was, it’s stickiness and I think this is the only reason, nobody likes to apply sunscreen. I was in always in search of a non sticky SUNSCREEN, that’s why I bought some other products but none of them worked.

And guess what, I found it in same brand LOTUS HERBAL.

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun.

This is the gel based formula and comes with SPF 50. and you know best part about this product is it’s non stickiness.

It’s very smooth, light, and gel formula of this product gets absorb in skin so easily, now you will love to apply sunscreen. believe me I am telling you this after using from months.🤗

And it has 50 spf so it’s best option for those who has outdoor work, like bloggers , we have to shoot in the hot summer, so it is best option for you guys, believe me guys its a must buy. As you can see it comes in tube,so you can carry it in your handbag. And it costs only Rs.440/-.

It prevents your skin from all types of sun damage, like, premature aging, tanning, uneven skin tone and also from skin cancer.

At last I would just say that, apply whatever brand or product but don’t step out without applying sunscreen🌸🤗

that’s all for today, meet you with next post till then be beautiful and keep smiling.😊

with love💞

Asma khan

Apps, every new Blogger Must have!

Hello all newbies!
This post is for those, who just started blogging or those who are thinking about it.
let’s be honest not everyone have that money to spend on the apps in starting, and also that fear of failure what if I couldn’t make money through this blogging. you are right in starting no one will suggest to spend money on apps, yea you can spend buying your domain or investing a good quality of camera, if you have that money but there are lots of apps which you can use free and are that are very helpful in your blogging . here I am listing some apps which I personally using, and are necessary for every blogger/vlogger and I found these through lots of trial and err in my 4 months blogging.

1 Snapseed
This app is a multi tasking app, it gives you so many features and the best part it’s free.😇 that’s why I am keeping it at no. one😉 there are lots of editing tools which offers only few features in free version🙄, but this app gives you a lot in free🤗.


• 29 tools and filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective

• Selective filter brush – and I like exposure one.

• Tune Image – adjust exposure and colour automatically or manually with fine, precise control

• Details – magically brings out surface structures in images

• Crop – you can crop photos after editing

• Rotate – rotate by 90° or straighten a skewed horizon
RAW Develop – open and tweak RAW DNG files; save non-destructively or export as JPG

• Tune Image – adjust exposure and colour automatically or manually with fine, precise control

• Details – magically brings out surface structures in images

• Crop – crop freely or to standard sizes

• Rotate – rotate by 90° or straighten a skewed horizon

I am rating this app 10/10😇👏


2- Canva

This app is like life saviour for bloggers.
I mean everyone needs templates design for their articles, but its not easy to prepare by yourself, this app gives you so many options, making a logo or creating a templates, here is everything. Canva makes it easy for everyone,
there are thousands of designs, templates, you just have to select which one you want. and the best part about this app is, it categorised by social media platform and their required sizes,which makes it more easy and user friendly, though, it’s a paid app but it gives a lot of options in the free version also, and you can share your creation directly from the app. so you don’t have to pay if you are a starter, here are some key features of this app.

key features –
– Flyers
– Posters
– Blog banners
– Invitations
– Cards
– Photo collages
– Logos

I will give it 10/10😇



this app is also for editing, I use it for my Insta themes, though its a paid app and don’t offer much for free version but I still liking it, cause no distracting adds and some free themes are awesome, I am using C1 chromatic filter for my Insta feed and I am in love with this theme and also loving the B5 B&W Classic. I really liked it’s concept short and crispy, so you can also try it for your Instagram😇.

I will give it 7 star just because it doesn’t offer more for free😉


that’s all for today’s post, meet you with next post, what? just 3 apps I use?? no dear, there are still few more apps but as you know that I don’t believe In very long post so this post has another part, you just have to wait for that until next week. Till then take care and keep smiling.

All the best for your new journey & welcome to the bloggers tribe🤗🌸

With love 💞

Asma Khan


THANK YOU MAA! for bringing me into this world, despite all the pain you went through in this process you love me this much.
‎THANK YOU MAA! for sacrificing your sleep over mine.
THANK YOU MAA! for supporting me whenever I fall.
THANK YOU MAA! for being support at that time when situation go against me and I look for support.
THANK YOU MAA! for this unconditional love which no one else can give but only YOU.
THANK YOU MAA! for being such a strong person who encourage me every day.
THANK YOU MAA! for teaching me that don’t give up no matter what situation comes.
THANK YOU MAA! for being my best friend.
THANK YOU! for being with me no matter how much we argue.
THANK YOU MAA! for all those scolds, through that you tought me what is life and what is actual world, which earlier I was not able to understand.
THANK YOU MAA! for still being with me cause still I can’t servive without you😘
THANK YOU MAA! for being best MOM in this world.
I know, all these thanks are not enough, I even can’t pay your debt in the exchange of my life.
and one day is not enough for celebrating motherhood cause every day belongs to you MAA. From morning prayers to evening tea you are everywhere .we just name it and you fulfill it
THANK YOU! my 2nd GOD Cause he couldn’t be everywhere so he created mother and put the heaven under her feet. you are my heaven ✨
and I love you Alotttt😘🤗 happy mother’s day😘
this mother’s day say thank you to your MAA👩‍

With love💞

A Daughter

Fusion Fashion

Hello beauties!

Trend, every celebrity is obsessed with.

Girls next door raise your hands, cause this post is all about you, yea who like EXPERIMENTING, doing mix and match, playing with different types of pieces, going out of box.

Fusion means the mixture of two or more culture basically in art field.
since fashion started fashion industry gets inspiration from other culture and mix it with their own and create a new piece, like if you see beaded or heavy embroidered western dresses, they can be inspired by India, and saree gown is perfect example of western inspired, we do more fusions and the reason behind this is we have lots of culture in our own country and we love wearing our Indian clothes, but comfort and style attract us towards western fashion. As we are in global so there is nothing like eastern and western now it has become fusion fashion where so love wearing jeans with Kurta (kurta looks for office for casual day out and the other hand we opt SAREE GOWN for wedding parties. And the best part about it is, it never goes out of fashion, whether you are a jeans girl or skirt or you love wearing Indian attire. ALL you have to do just be little creative.

So get ready for making experiment with your looks, which I personally love the most. And today I have created all looks keeping summer in mind so you can say these are very easy and breezy looks. All you have to do that pick a long KURTA and pair it with your bf jeans, or pick your jeggings and drape a saree on it, with your skirt wear a kurta (short or long its up to you ) and here you are good to go, without wasting too much time and effort you are wearing two culture at the same time👌.


Here I am wearing, black t-shirt with multi colored yoke skirt (fitted on waist line) which is our general pick for summer, but here m giving it a traditional touch with draping a matching dupatta like a saree which is giving a very different whole look, tell me have you ever thought about this twist if no then this summer is best for this experiment wooohoo✋🤗. bold pink lips and chandbali are just completing this look. perfect example of going out of box or being experimental.




Here I am wearing my skinny denim with long white kurta, which has thread embroidery all over it and those chand Bali is just adding a girly touch. perfect for summer outfit, (Ideas for cool summer outfit )and these sneakers are just making this look so casual and simple, wrist watches and shades are the true fellow of boss girls;

this look can be opted for as airport look;) which is so much in trend now a days.



2018-05-05 08231270504..jpg


Here I am wearing same skirt but with kurta, girls, who want to play little safe this is for you. simple and chic look just wearing my multicolored beaded earrings with bold eyes, messy hair and nude lips. If you want you can replace this kurta with a long kurta for more sober look.

So these were my fusion with different and favorite pieces which are simple and summer friendly. Do let me know which one you liked most or going to try next.

meet you with next post till then take care be stylish be happy and keep experimenting.

With Love

Asma Khan